Entries by Anton Stolper

Fred Fugen Autobiography

Co-author and ghost writer of the autobiography of Fred Fugen: “Life in the Sky – the incredible story of a wingman”. Fred is a professional skydiver, base jumper, wingsuit pilot and Jetman pioneer. Having grown up in skydiving family, Fred and his team-mate Vince Reffet become the duo the most talented in the world.

Saved by Wheelie

For these young Londoners, every spare minute is an opportunity to ride through London at full pelt, their front wheels lifted up in the air, all the while accomplishing seemingly impossible tricks one after the other. They embody the bikelife, a new cycling discipline that is so much more than a sport. For these youngsters, it is a way to escape gang violence and dream of a brighter future. Today, what was once a secluded and small movement, has spread all the way to the Queen, who invited some of them to parade during her platinum Jubilee.

Redemption Song

After spending twenty years in various English neo-Nazi groups, including the notorios C17, Nigel Bromage had an epiphany : Everything he believed in was wrong. He started over and rebuilt his life. Two decades on, he is helping others to rebuild theirs.