Robert Laffont

La vie en l’air

Ghost writer of Fred Fugen’s autobiography : La vie en l’air – l’histoire incroyable d’un homme-oiseau.

From the editor : “Fred Fugen comes from a skydiving family. His weekends growing up were spent watching his parents flying until his tenth birthday when he was allowed to join his father on a tandem jump. With his best friend, Vince Reffet, he will reachs the summits of his passion : extreme human flight. Together, they win six time freefly world champions. They would go on to become the most accomplished and talented duo in the skydiving world. But in November 2020, their story collapses in the most tragic of ways when Vince dies during a training incident.

This is the heart-breaking story of an unwavering frienship dedicated to realising dreeams and the most mind-boggling sporting feats imaginable. But it is also an incredible life lesson acquired through extreme sports.”

Reviews :

“A poignant and heart-breaking biography” – L’Equipe

“A fascinating read.” – Outside magazine

“Some books – there aren’t many – provide, page after page, such raw emotions that you can’t put them back down…Fred Fugen’s biography is one of those books.” – Le Republicain Lorrain



Robert Laffont, published October 2023, 252 pages, French